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Beauty Items

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Buying or receiving Beauty Items add experience points to your character level upon delivery and increase your Beauty trend level with the same amount of experience points until it reaches the maximum level of 75, after which no more trend experience can be earned. Increasing the Beauty trend level improves view and subs earning for videos with the Beauty trend.

Random Beauty items can be received from daily friend gifts, LIT level-ups and Craniac games.

List of Items

Icon Level Item Cost Shipping Time
25px 2 Brushes Views.png 350 Shipping.png 3m 40s
25px 3 Books(Name disputed) Views.png 1,770 Shipping.png 11m 15s
25px 4 Make Up Palette Views.png 5,710 Shipping.png 24m 50s
25px 5 Make Up Views.png 13,900 Shipping.png 44m 50s
25px 6 Picture Frames Views.png 28,800 Shipping.png 1h 13m 40s
25px 7 Mirror Views.png 52,000 Shipping.png 1h 51m 00s
25px 8 Tall Lamp Views.png 84,700 Shipping.png 2h 35m 30s
25px 9 Tall Lantern Views.png 135,000 Shipping.png 3h 35m 00s
25px 10 Clothes Rack Views.png 212,000 Shipping.png 4h 51m 40s
25px 10 Tuber 5 Views.png 214,000 Shipping.png 4h 55m 00s
25px 10 Tuber 6 Views.png 215,000 Shipping.png 4h 55m 00s
25px 11 Autumn Poster Views.png 311,000 Shipping.png 6h 20m 00s
25px 12 Small Lamp Views.png 418,000 Shipping.png 7h 46m 40s
25px 12 Glass Support Views.png 440,000 Shipping.png 8h 01m 40s
25px 12 Fruit Bowl Views.png 443,000 Shipping.png 8h 05m 00s
25px 13 Vanity Stool Views.png 595,000 Shipping.png 9h 55m 00s
25px 14 Heart Cake Views.png 792,000 Shipping.png 12h 03m 20s
25px 14 Wall Lights Views.png 799,000 Shipping.png 12h 08m 20s
25px 15 Candle Views.png 1.04m Shipping.png 14h 35m 00s
25px 16 Tall Lamp 2 Views.png 1.35m Shipping.png 17h 26m 40s
25px 17 Martini Views.png 1.69m Shipping.png 20h 21m 40s
25px 18 Wall Mirror Views.png 2.16m Shipping.png 1d 00h 05m 00s
25px 19 Egg Carpet Views.png 2.66m Shipping.png 1d 00h 46m 40s
25px 20 Drawer Views.png 3.20m Shipping.png 1d 00h 05m 00s
25px 21 Lighted Mirror Views.png 3.98m Shipping.png 1d 02h 03m 20s
25px 22 Modern Poster Views.png 4.82m Shipping.png 1d 02h 48m 20s
25px 23 Taylor's Dummy Views.png 5.72m Shipping.png 1d 02h 10m 00s
25px 24 Flower Poster Views.png 6.81m Shipping.png 1d 02h 46m 40s
25px 25 Vanity Table Views.png 7.97m Shipping.png 1d 02h 15m 00s
25px 26 Vanity Wardrobe Views.png 9.29m Shipping.png 1d 01h 53m 20s
25px 27 Unicorn Views.png 10.80m Shipping.png 1d 01h 55m 00s
25px 28 Vanity Sofa Views.png 12.51m Shipping.png 1d 02h 06m 40s
25px 29 Beach Girl Poster Views.png 14.39m Shipping.png 1d 02h 10m 00s
25px 30 Aquarium Carpet Views.png 16.25m Shipping.png 1d 00h 25m 00s
25px 31 Church Window Views.png 18.81m Shipping.png 1d 02h 30m 00s
25px 32 Saxophone Views.png 20.98m Shipping.png 1d 00h 06m 40s
25px 33 Karaoke Box Views.png 23.76m Shipping.png 1d 00h 15m 00s
25px 35 Giant Pink Teddy Views.png 30.45m Shipping.png 1d 02h 13m 20s
25px 36 Mandola Views.png 33.62m Shipping.png 1d 00h 08m 20s
25px 37 Fancy Table Views.png 37.86m Shipping.png 1d 01h 38m 20s
25px 38 Harp Views.png 41.77m Shipping.png 1d 00h 16m 40s
25px 40 Anime Poster Views.png 51.44m Shipping.png 1d 00h 50m 00s
25px 41 T-Shirt Pile Views.png 56.70m Shipping.png 1d 00h 36m 40s
25px 41 Clothes Rack Views.png 57.36 Shipping.png 1d 02h 40m 00s
25px 42 Bed Views.png 62.45 Shipping.png 1d 00h 38m 20s
25px 44 Plush Cat Cube Views.png 75.25m Shipping.png 1d 00h 45m 00s
25px 46 Fireplace Views.png 89.90m Shipping.png 1d 00h 46m 40s
25px 48 Pewdiepie Cardboard Views.png 106.58m Shipping.png 1d 00h 50m 00s
25px 48 Column Views.png 107.74m Shipping.png 1d 03h 06m 40s
25px 49 Pewdiepie Painting Views.png 116.31m Shipping.png 1d 01h 53m 20s
25px 50 Flower Trellis Views.png 126.81m Shipping.png 1d 03h 10m 00s
25px 51 Fancy Desk Lamp Views.png 135.99m Shipping.png 1d 01h 08m 20s
25px 51 Snack Display Views.png 136.40m Shipping.png 1d 01h 48m 20s
25px 51 Tea Cup Views.png 136.42m Shipping.png 1d 01h 51m 40s
25px 51 Tea Pot Views.png 136.45m Shipping.png 1d 01h 53m 20s
25px 51 Beige Table Views.png 136.47m Shipping.png 1d 01h 55m 00s
25px 52 Tissue Box Views.png 146.30m Shipping.png 1d 00h 06m 40s
25px 53 Red Cordon Views.png 158.44m Shipping.png 1d 00h 55m 00s
25px 56 Shoes Views.png 199.46m Shipping.png 1d 03h 26m 40s
25px 57 Plate With Crackers Views.png 212.02m Shipping.png 1d 01h 03m 20s
25px 58 Book Shelf Views.png 227.21m Shipping.png 1d 01h 00m 00s
25px 58 Skyline Poster Views.png 227.47m Shipping.png 1d 01h 01m 40s
25px 59 Mobile Red Curtain Views.png 243.18m Shipping.png 1d 00h 53m 20s
25px 59 Coffee Machine Views.png 243.31m Shipping.png 1d 01h 01m 40s
25px 60 Refridgerator Views.png 260.28m Shipping.png 1d 01h 06m 40s
25px 61 Small Bench Views.png 277.32m Shipping.png 1d 00h 23m 20s
25px 61 Indoor Fountain Views.png 280.34m Shipping.png 1d 03h 18m 20s
25px 62 Rose Ornament Views.png 298.73m Shipping.png 1d 02h 58m 20s
25px 63 Tree Portal Views.png 315.22m Shipping.png 1d 00h 08m 20s
25px 63 Black Mirror Views.png 315.83m Shipping.png 1d 00h 40m 00s
25px 65 Cradle Views.png 358.97m Shipping.png 1d 01h 33m 20s
25px 65 Mansion Door Views.png 360.79m Shipping.png 1d 03h 01m 40s
25px 67 Fairy Views.png 403.70m Shipping.png 1d 00h 30m 00s
25px 69 Dollhouse Views.png 454.72m Shipping.png 1d 00h 55m 00s
25px 71 Row Of Shoes Views.png 513.09m Shipping.png 1d 03h 00m 00s
25px 72 Modern Wall Lamp Views.png 541.76m Shipping.png 1d 02h 31m 40s
25px 74 Canvas Stand Views.png 605.16m Shipping.png 1d 02h 58m 20s
25px 74 Bronze Desk Lamp Views.png 606.21m Shipping.png 1d 03h 31m 40s
25px 75 Crystal Views.png 638.40m Shipping.png 1d 02h 55m 00s

List Of Craniac Items

Icon Item
25px Little Girl Tuber
25px Pewdiepie Chair Poster